Challenging Myself With Meals…

Spicy Parmesan Shrimp Pasta

A home-cooked meal is always so satisfying. Not only are you and your family filling up on food and ingredients that you prepared yourself, everyone is filling up on wholesome family time. Spending quality time with those you care about over a hot meal prepared with love, is priceless!

I strongly feel that having a meal at your home dinner table is a lost art in building a family that is connected. These days it is hard to get everyone seated in one space. Whether it’s just you and your hubby, or you’ve got several kiddos and extended family waiting for a meal, the dinner table is a common gathering space that should create an environment of coming together in a technology-free zone. Here, everyone at that table engages one another. No interuptions, no talk about your car needing an oil change, no discussions about the dog getting loose, just good old fashioned talking and eating.

So, I’m on a mission to broaden my horizons with food. I’m challenging myself to create one wholesome meal (that I don’t already have memorized) each week. Often, I make the same handful of meals over and over again. It has gotten to the point where food is boring and I don’t get excited about meals. Food is fuel and I truly want to enjoy it. I think that’s duable, right? I’m going to find one meal, each week, that incorporates most items I already would have in my kitchen, and go for it! I’ll keep track of my findings (and most likely a fail or two) here in the blog under “family”.

I found an amazing recipe on Damn Delicious that used ingredients that I already had at home. I literally didn’t have to leave my house to grab anything for the recipe. I opted to ignore the green onion option, as my husband and I prefer cooked yellow onions or raw purple onions. I also marinated my shrimp for over 4 hours. Sorry, but no meat is going to truly soak in a marinade in under an hour. I really want yummy flavor coming out of my protein. And I used Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti for the first time, ever. I was drawn to this packaging because of all the good things: non-GMO, gluten free, USDA organic, etc, etc…


Here is my experience!

Time to prep marinade: 5 minutes

Time to cook shrimp and marinade, while adding to noodles: 5 minutes

Time to devour my plate: who knows, it was so delicious! A bit of spice, after-taste of garlic, and flavorful shrimp made every bite delictable. I sprinkled some extra parmesan on top and didn’t regret it.


I would HIGHLY recommend this recipe from Damn Delicious for a tasty meal for your family! It was easy to create, incorporated all ingredients I already had in my kitchen, and made enough for 4+ servings (maybe more if your family likes small portions of noodles or of shrimp). I hope you try it out and if so, let me know what you tasted.

Stay tuned for next week’s recipe!

xx Jen


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