Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review


Sinful Colors Nail Polish – Review



What gal doesn’t love getting her nails freshly manicured? As someone who loves a great, long-lasting color, a “no-chip” or “acrylic” mani is usually the way to go. You get the lasting color, no chipping/cracking, and no fuss on your part! But, often finding time and space in your beauty budget can be difficult. Honestly, not every woman has the luxury of heading to the salon every 2 weeks for a fresh nail grooming. I like my hard earned money, and if that means I need to take time out of my Saturday morning to pamper myself, I will.

So, without further adieu, enter Sinful Colors Nail Polish!

I stumbled across these VERY inexpensive polishes (and by inexpensive, I mean about $1.99 a pop) about a year ago while at Target. I was typically spending money on Essie and OPI polishes, but found that after a few months the consistency and application became thick. Even worse, the drying time was growing, not shrinking. And at somewhere between $8-12 a bottle, I’d rather spend that on a tasty coffee, let’s be honest. So, I picked up two shades from Sinful Colors and haven’t looked back since!

Color Selection

With over 125 shades in the range, there will be a color that suits your needs. Within my collection, I have ranges from pale (almost white) pink to a wet concrete color. Unfortunately, Sinful Colors does NOT differentiate on their packaging if the shade is matte, shimmery, or glittery. I didn’t realize that not every shade is glossy until my collection started growing. However, most shades offer a VERY opaque, vibrant color. A handful that I own have a shimmer to them. Another handful are on the more matte side, but still offer some sheen. The formula is a great consistency for several coats, but I find 2 coats has always been sufficient. The shimmery shades are probably my least favorite. I find they are on the thicker side and the dry time is a bit ridiculous. I reach for them far less often than I originally thought. The opaque and matte formulas are by far the best, all-around shades in their range.

Bottle and Applicator

The bottle is heavy-duty glass with a flat bottom and sturdy handle. The applicator brush is amazing! Not too big, not too small. In my opinion, this brush is what gets my polish (with a top-coat) to last for 5+ days without chipping or cracking. I’ve gone almost 2 weeks with only needing to touch up the tips of my nails with some of the non-shimmery colors. The brush does not allow the polish to streak or apply uneven. I find those large, flat brushes to be difficult to use when I get closer to the outside of my nail. I always end up with nail polish on my skin and rolling off into the nail bed. And that is hard to remove without smudging the polish on the nail. I have traveled with my polish, dropped it on the counter, you name it, and I haven’t had a bottle break yet! Hands down, my favorite bottle and brush.


At about $1.99 a bottle, it can not be beat. Typically, polishes I’ve used that are this inexpensive are cheap. The color chips and peels within a day. I’m a busy gal! I don’t have time during the work week to tend to my nails. Seriously? Target and Walgreens are local stores that always seem to carry a large selection of shades. Check out the online reviews at these stores…you’ll see what I mean about this polish!

My Collection

I have 14 shades in my collection. Several colors I’ve had for about a year now, and they still apply like they did on day #1 of opening the bottle. I store my collection in a dark, room temperature closet when I’m not using them. I’ve tried that Pinterest trick and put my polish in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes prior to applying…and, I saw absolutely no difference in how it went on. I roll the bottle vigorously in my hand right before application and have a small fan on my vanity that I place my hands in front of for about 10 minutes after. I find at that point, I’m pretty ready to go about my day without the worry of messing up my polish.

My Colors:

Easy Going, Rose Dust, Tempest, Dream On, Let’s Talk, Sail La Vie, Endless Blue, Rain Storm, Garden Party, Nirvana, Aubergine, Thimbleberry, Pink Poppy’s, and 24/7

That’s a Wrap!

I know I’ll be adding more to my collection as I continue to fall in love with this brand. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find these polishes to be a great addition to your beauty routine!

xx Jen




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