Puerto Vallarta 075


Ready or not, summer is in full swing! Cookouts-fireworks-ice cream-shorts (cringe)-swimsuits (bigger cringe)…

This is the time of year to relax a bit more and enjoy the longer days. With this comes events, gatherings, and impromptu dates. I know I’m not the only chick who has had to pep talk her way into an ensemble, only to feel uncomfortable and if everyone is staring at me. Every woman, at some point in her life, has probably felt a sense of shame about her image. Society portrays ITS idea of perfection. And this “perfection” is unattainable and ridiculous to say the least. As I age, I find that my idea of “perfection” is far different than societies. I know what I need for myself to be healthy. Healthy in my mind, healthy in my body, and healthy in my marriage. This feeling of confidence goes beyond that swimsuit bought on clearance in the fall, thinking, “I’ll sweat my butt off all winter to fit into this come June.” This feeling of self-worth goes beyond the fact that you stayed up all night with your sick kiddo and couldn’t get up at 6am for Boot Camp in the hot, muggy morning due to pure exhaustion.

This is all stemming from one of my favorite bloggers recent posts, Simply Sadie Jane, on her challenge: #weighthis. Women are unique. Strong. Confident. Empowered. We do NOT need anyone or anything telling us our worth. We are more than the number on the scale. We are more than a magazine’s “diet tips”. We are more than skinny jeans. We. Are. Women.

I encourage you to this challenge and use the #weighthis and boast to the world around you how you are MORE than what meets the eye! You, embracing your skin, is the most empowering thing in this world. Show ’em what you got and WEIGH IN!


1. I am proud of the strong and loving marriage I have with my hubby

2. Looking back, I am so proud that I had the guts to pack up my life in the Midwest and take a leap of faith on a cross country move over 900 miles away. Scary, but I did it. And I grew. (And I had that special person I mentioned in #1 by my side, xoxo)

3. When I can use the 45 lbs plates in the gym and have energy for more, I kinda want to punch cardio in the face (he he he)

4. I feel comfortable alone. In total silence. With me.

5. Last but not least, I feel like I’m successfully “adulting”. I have a great paying job (that I LOVE), I pay my bills on time, I have a car, and I’ve got money left over for that double scoop of ice cream, a movie out, or a trip to my online shopping bag.



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