My Favorite Hair Products for During & After Styling

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Hair care products are a vital part of my morning routine. In the past, I wasn’t picking quality products and found my hair was lacking volume and was waxy to the touch. Fast forward several years, a great stylist, and a lot of trial and error – enter: It’s a 10 and Batiste!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

indexThe only reason this little gem fell into my lap was because the checkout lady at Ulta gave me a sample! According to It’s a 10, this product: Repairs dry, damaged hair-Adds shine-Detangles-Controls frizz-Seals & protects hair color-Prevents split ends-Stops hair breakage-Creates silkiness-Enhances natural body-Flat iron spray & thermal protection…I would 100%, hands down, AGREE! I spray this on towel dried hair (well, drench my hair with it), comb through, and style as usual! This product is weightless and allows you to work with YOUR hair, leaving shine, body, volume, and on & on! I was recently told, “your hair is always on fleek.” I give full credit to this little blue bottle. There are a few sizes to pick from and at a reasonable price considering what this product is capable of. I’d highly recommend getting a sample or the travel-size to try it yourself…then, fall in love with it…then, buy the big one!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Coconut & Exotic Tropical

batisteI admit, I LOVE shampooing and conditioning my hair, then getting a fresh blow dry in the morning. It helps me start my day fresh and ready to tackle what is ahead. But, my stylist has put an end to that-and rightly so. Beauty guru’s rave about Batiste dry shampoo for that inbetween shampoo refresh, so I gave it a try. Result? LOVE! Batiste offers several scents, but I find the Coconut & Exotic Tropical formula my favorite for the summer months. If I’m not shampooing the next day, I spray my roots the night before and massage through. In the morning, I spray a bit more on areas around my face, run a brush through yesterday’s style, and go about my day! Often, you can find a buy one get one 1/2 off at Ulta, or just buy 1 can to start for about $8.00!

These products are essential in my hair styling routine. I hope you pick up some at your local beauty store and try them out!

xx Jen

**all embedded links take you to Ulta or the companies website for purchase – not a sponsored post – all opinions are my own



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