#recipechallenge Part 3

Cheesy Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

Before we begin, a few important things to know:

  1. This recipe creates some a lot of dishes.
  2. The ingredient list is simple, but prepping everything is a bit really time-consuming.
  3. It’s worth the mess and time.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…this recipe is super delicious, comfort food to the next level, ridiculously filling, great for an evening gathered around the dinner table, and on and on and on!

Rachel Schultz at Household Almanac posted this casserole recipe a few years ago. I had it pinned deep in my recipe board on Pinterest and happened to see it earlier this week. Now, Friday’s have become the official Family Dinner Night at the Falcon household. It seems my #recipechallenge search begins early in the week and I whip it up Friday evening. Most might think that cooking a new recipe on a Friday night after a long week of work is ludicrous…I’d typically agree. But, there’s something comforting and relaxing about ending the work week with a hot, home cooked meal. Lately, it has been jump starting our weekend.

Some of the ingredients I used…

001 (2)

I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already (making this a winner in my book) that included things like onion, frozen veggies, vegetable broth, chicken breast, white & wild rice, flour, and salt & pepper.

Here is my experience!

Time to cook all ingredients separately: eek, I don’t know. I started prepping all the components at about 5:30pm and we didn’t sit down to dinner until almost 7:30pm…I skipped the celery component and used frozen peas and frozen broccoli. Next time I’ll be using shredded carrots, instead of chips. They didn’t come out as soft as I’d like. For the cheesy sauce, I ended up using a 14.5oz can of the vegetable broth over the recommended 8oz. The mixture was really thick to the point that it wasn’t going to melt into the casserole and more or less “sit” on top of it while baking.

Time to cook the completed casserole: 30 minutes. This was enough time to bake and allow the cheeses to melt into the rice and chicken mixture. It came out of the oven looking, and smelling, amazing! This casserole doesn’t “stick” together because of the rice…it’ll crumble a bit when you plate it.

Time to devour my plate: Well, after the crazy long prep time, I chowed pretty fast because I was starving…and it was delicious! Seriously, so good. This would be a great meal for a snowy night, if you’re feeling down and out, or you are entertaining more than 5 people. The amount of leftovers are insane!

And the hubby says: “It was like comfort food, but a bit healthier. I’d add a bit of cream of mushroom soup and salt when cooking the chicken to give it a bit more flavor. And I’d add mushrooms to the vegetables, too. It’ll will be easy for me to take to work for lunches. This is amazing, make it again.”

003 (2) 006 (2)

Overall, The Household Almanac created an amazing casserole using common kitchen ingredients that is unique in its flavors. I never would have thought to whip up a casserole with wild rice! So yummy and definitely on repeat (when I have 2+ hours to devote) in our home. Especially with the amount of freezeable leftovers this dish creates! Can we say easy lunches for work all week? I hope you try it out and if so, let me know what you tasted!

Stay tuned for next week’s recipe!

xx Jen

**this is not a sponsored post – all opinions are my own



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