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The lovely Sharon from Little Painted Lady picked me for “tag your it”. This is a quick tag to get to know new bloggers and share some facts about me, myself, and my blog! Thanks for the tag, Sharon! And thanks, readers, for taking a wee bit of your time to get to know me!

How did I get into blogging?

I originally got into blogging when I was first married to JP. At the time, we had family living all over the world: Wisconsin-California-Cameroon, Africa…literally, spread everywhere due to work, military, or missionary work. We wanted an easy way (other than Facebook or e-mail) to keep our families updated on activities in our day-to-day. There weren’t posts on meals, home decor, beauty products, or anything other than what we were up to. As time went on, we moved across the country and the blog fell to the wayside, almost non-existent. As we’ve settled in to our routines, the blog has reappeared and taken a totally different approach than originally inteIMG_20131231_205438nded. As an English teacher, it has almost become an outlet for me to write-about what I like and love! I love sharing reviews on my favorite products and home good items, as well as yummy recipes that JP and I cook to have dinner together, technology free, enjoying each others company.

What advice would you give to beginner bloggers?

Haha, well I’m a very new blogger considering the shift in why I write my blog now! Despite being very new, just write what you want and show who you are and what you are passionate about. It shouldn’t be about gaining some type of fame or money. It is an outlet and it will become what God intends it to become. Write when the mood strikes, don’t set yourself to an unreasonable goal of posts, and be kind in all you do! Everything will work out like it is supposed to. Enjoy it!

What would be your dream campaign?

Hmmm…haven’t thought about this one too much. My dream campaign would probably be something to do with home goods, beauty products, and/or family. I love interior decorating (actually intended to get a degree in the field, but teaching was my calling), I love beauty products that don’t break the bank, and I love finding things that my husband and I can do together that allow us to talk and enjoy each others company (hence my #recipechallenge). Wow…that was broad!

Do you have a plan for your blog?just-write_2014

I would have to say “no”, there is no definite plan. Obviously, if the blog became a gateway to an opportunity that I enjoyed, I would surely accept. Like I said above, there are hobbies I have that I definitely would like to do more with, for sure. But ultimately,Β  I want to continue to write (about things I want to write about and believe in). I just really enjoy sharing my reviews, meals, and whatever else inbetween!

With that, I want to pass along “tag your it”! I tag:

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Thanks for playing along, ladies!

xx Jenna


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