#recipechallenge Part 4

ATT_1445790975255_20151023_111205My Pinterest is seriously the best place to find easy recipes…especially when having a busy schedule and craving a home cooked meal.

I found an Easy Crockpot Potato Soup from Simply Made With Love. With the rainy fall weather here in TX, my husband and I start craving hearty soups. They’re easy, filling, and tasty. This recipe in particular has a small ingredient list and several of the items you probably have in your pantry and fridge regardless. The only ingredient not typically on my grocery list was the bacon bits. I debated whether I wanted to cook actual bacon and crumble it, but with limited time, who wants to do that?! Above you see the majority of the ingredients I used. Total cost about $10.

Here’s my experience:

Time to cook all the ingredients: Everything is literally thrown in the crockpot for about 7 hours, with the exception of half the bacon bits and 1 block of cream cheese. Once the potatoes were soft, I cubed the cream cheese, stirred it in, and cooked the soup for about another hour. I did find the cream cheese took FOREVER to start melting. And the soup had a slightly bitter taste because of it. Next time, I will either let the cream cheese get to room temperature before adding or use a heavy cream. I spent the most time just stirring and breaking apart the cream cheese in this recipe. Of course when ready to plate, I loaded on the cheddar cheese and remaining bacon bits on top! You’re not from the Midwest if you don’t do that. Kidding. Actually, no, seriously.

Time to devour my bowl:Β  Well, after I went for my second bowl, I had to tell myself to stop. Ya get the idea, right? So tasty and filling.

And the hubby says: “You need to put that on your list of recipes. It was so good (*mouth full of soup).”ATT_1445791275036_20151023_193545

Overall, Simply Made With Love created a super easy and afforable meal that is great for cooler weather and that hearty craving. This will be on repeat in our home this season!

Stay tuned for the next recipe! And be sure to check out my Pinterest and Instagram to stay tuned on my tiny little corner of the web!

xx Jen



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