2015 Beauty Favorites


It is about that time to say HASTA to 2015! Ringing in a New Year is always exciting…there is a sense of mystery and wonder awaiting your life for the coming 365 days. But, before I say PEACE OUT, I want to share my 2015 Beauty Favorites! These are items that I continued to use throughout the year, and will use until they are discontinued or the formula changes. They are THAT good!

Face: Benefit POREfessional Face Primer

Price: Depending on size, anywhere from $10-$42

Appeal: Covers pores of all shapes and sizes like a GEM! Doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin. Won’t wear makeup without it. Period. Worth the price. Worth the hype.2219868

Eyes: Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara

Price: $8.99

Appeal: Comes in waterproof (and non), dryer formula doesn’t weigh down lashes, amazing brush, truly lengthens and allows the eyelash curler to actually keep lashes curled. Holy grail mascara right here.  


Lips: Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm in Pomegranate Oil

Price: $3.29

Appeal: Doesn’t burn my super sensitive lips. Smells great, has a slick application, no tint, no taste…just feels luxurious, like I’m doing my lips a favor, especially in the harsh winter months.


Body: Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub

Price: $15 (large, resealable tub)

Appeal: Amazing maple syrup scent, gentle scrub that actually scrubs (if you know what I mean), perfect for dry/sensitive/bumpy/thirsty/eczema/keratosis pilaris skin…yum in a tub. I didn’t see the point in a body scrub until I tried this. My skin loves me for it.


Nails: Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil

Price: $6.99

Appeal: Wasn’t sure it was doing anything, until I stopped using for several weeks. Obviously softens cuticles and prevents hang nails and irritated skin, but nourishes my fingernails. It helped *fix* my nails from all the harsh polishes and removers I use weekly. Can’t go to sleep without putting this on my cuticles/nails.


Happy New Year! Wishing you a fabulous 2016! Thanks for stopping by this year. I’m excited for what the New Year brings, where life takes me with this little blog, and what adventures are in store! See you on the other side!

xx- Jenna

**all opinions are my own

**all images from ulta.com and Google images, all prices and links from ulta.com


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