2016, As I Know It


Happy New Year, folks! It has again become that time to hit the “refresh” button in the hopes of changing/fixing/altering/adjusting/realizing what our existence should be the next 366 days (hello there, leap year!).

As I get older, and I assume with age comes more accurate realizations, I’ve understood that yearly “refresh” button isn’t what I thought it was. For me, it no longer means grandiose planning, massive lists of things to accomplish, personal and professional things to obtain in unrealistic deadlines…it actually, simply, plainly means to live. Living a life that celebrates. Living a life that honors. Living a life that serves the common good. Living a life that fulfills.

I want to live a life that fulfills.

And what I mean by that, I’m not exactly, totally sure. But, I know that I want to live my life in a way that fulfills me: emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally. Not a life that stresses me out because of deadlines I’ve set that are supposed to make me feel fulfilled when reached. Seriously, I’m 31 years old. Whether you consider that young (you’ve got plenty of time) or old (you need to get it together), there is no time like the present to really think, really feel, really sit down with yourself and evaluate what that “refresh” button is capable of. Really capable of.

My “refresh” button looks different this New Year than in years passed. The short time that I’ve sat down with myself and done some evaluating has raised the curtain on my 2016 resolutions…not just a few days in January, not just the year, but long term, life long. As I continue to sit down with myself, I’m sure that these things will change and evolve and develop. With life comes highs and lows and this “refresh” will tune accordingly.  And I’m hoping that it tunes itself to a life that fulfills. A life that celebrates. My refresh button is looking something like this:

Refresh #1: take more photos. And I’m not talking about professionally, but with whatever camera I’ve got handy. So many wonderful things happen. Things that should be celebrated long after they are gone. Document…because one day it will need to be relived. 

Refresh #2: read the Bible daily. Whether it is 1 verse a day or a whole book one morning. Those words. Just, those words. Those words alone should be celebrated for their honesty and outlook for what we should be striving for.

Refresh #3: just be in it. The moment. The relationship. The job. The laundry (hehehe). All of it. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Breath it. Feel it. Give in to it in order to give back to it. 

I simply, if you can call it “simple”, want to live in celebration and fulfillment of everything that happens upon my path while on earth. Why stress when you can enjoy? Enjoyment travels with a suitcase that has opportunity, that has smiles, that has positivity, that has a life that cherishes all the good, not all the bad. Not saying my life prior to 2016 was some horrible, made for TV, drama fest…it was blessed beyond belief! But, I know my life for 2016 and after, is a flashing green light dying to be pressed to “refresh”.

If you’re still reading this, and you are already celebrating and living fully, you are my inspiration. And if you aren’t celebrating and living fully, can we try it together? I’m jumping in. Leaving the life vest on the boat.

xx- Jenna


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