What’s In My Grocery Cart


In the past, I used to run to the grocery store several times a week. At that time, I would generate a list of necessities and ingredients for recipes/lunches/dinners/non-perishables/staples, you name it. But, for some reason, food was not being consumed quickly, spoiling, and burning a big hole in my wallet. After time, I realized a lot of what I was adding to my grocery list could only be used for one recipe or I wouldn’t make a meal including that ingredient fast enough, resulting in spoiled food. Needless to say, I was buying too much of the wrong stuff.

At the new year, my good friend Kayla and I, vowed to venture toward eating healthier. And when we say healthier, we mean whole, natural, as unprocessed as possible, healthier. As my teacher colleague, Kayla and I often would buy “treats” to eat during our planning period. This usually (and sadly) went beyond our planning period and would spill to before school and after school treats. I’m talking snacking on the family pack of Target’s Nestle chocolate chip cookies…in a few days…but, they are oh so good! Needless to say, our habits at work were infringing upon our healthy habits at home and our waistline.

With this pact,  grocery shopping has become something I look forward to each week. And with my goal to eat as many “whole” foods as possible, my budget thanks me and food is not spoiling because it is being consumed. I would say I’ve cut my spoiled food issue by 75%. I really think this is because EVERYTHING I buy (well, about 85% of it) must be consumed within a few days to a week or it will go bad. And these whole foods taste too good to go to waste!

Now, what I mean by “whole” foods is simply buying foods that are in their most natural, untouched by human hands, state as possible. Obviously, it can be nearly impossible to avoid some type of processed food, unless your goal is a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. But, overall, I’m buying non-processed items 85% of the time. Here are some staples in my cart these days. Even though these items change occasionally due to quality and what is in season/reasonably priced, they can be used a variety of ways: cooked, cut, dipped, consumed raw, you name it. If you’re interested, I can create a blog post all about my daily meals, let me know! For now, enjoy this list (several of the items can be seen in my cart above) and I encourage you to add these items to your cart if you haven’t already. They’re versatile, tasty, easy to store, and so good for you!:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Bell peppers
  • Avocado
  • Red potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Whole carrots
  • Raw broccoli
  • Raw green beans

Happy grocery shopping!

xx- Jenna


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