Wanderlust – “A strong desire to travel”

In my existence, I’ve done the occasional traveling. Nothing major, nothing unique. I’ve traveled by car to neighboring states, traveled by plane to opposite coasts, and traveled to our foreign neighbor, Mexico.

With this more simplistic and not ridiculously adventurous travel, I’ve realized that I have this gnawing desire to go and see. To go and see things that others will never adventure to do. Things that others dream about. I want pictures to show my family when I’m elderly that look like something out of a National Geographic magazine. I want the memories most of all.

And I’m currently that dreamer. I’ll often find myself on Instagram or travel websites in deep imagination about what these exotic and rare destinations could hold for me, for my mind, for my heart, for my soul. I’ll pick flights, look at travel reviews on TripAdvisor, and even on occasion contact my travel agent to get their feedback.

Most recently, I became obsessed with Norway. I’m not Norwegian (at least I don’t think I am) and had no inkling to ever travel there, then enter the pictures of the breathtaking fjords. The scenery in pictures alone is enough to make the most indoorsy, anti-sun gal want to venture outdoors. Instagram is where my obsession began. Check out the beauty in the images on these Instagram accounts: I Love Norway and Visit Norway. Also, here are some things I’d love to experience:

Hotel: Sommaroy Arctic Hotel


Dining: hos Thea


Adventure: REI Adventures-Norwegian Fjords Kayaking and Hiking


If anyone has ever traveled there, I’d love to hear your experience. As I save up my few pennies, this is one of the many “destination before I die” countries. Maybe one day, in a future blog post, you will see me in this amazing Norwegian scenery and culture!

xx- Jenna


5 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. suzannefalconer says:

    Jenna, Norway might have more of a pull for you than you think! It’s school system is considered stellar globally, with high degrees of life satisfaction as ranked by its inhabitants. If you can handle the cold and long months of dark, I think that the awe-inspiring topography and clean, but bright interior designs would capture your heart. I’ll visit you (herring in hand).


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