5 Reasons You Need A Work #bestfrand

Ah, employment. The joys of having a career is what the American dream is all about.

Working 40+ hours a week, staring at the clock waiting for time to move forward only to realize the battery died. Taking random bathroom breaks to get a change of scenery. Considering taking up e-cigs to get fresh air before you roll your eyes yet again at the guy who can’t stop asking questions at a staff meeting. G-chatting the people who are 20 feet down the hall about how much you want a brownie. Organizing your post-its for the 15th time this week. Disliking so many songs on your Pandora station that it tells you to calm the heck down. And then, the heavens part, angels sing, and you can go home!

You skip to your car with the goofiest grin on your face, reapply that $20 lip gloss you use (sparingly, of course, in hopes of another raise to buy more), spinning around light polls while singing Shake Shake Shake by K.C. & The Sunshine Band, throwing glitter at the car that almost runs your stupid self over because you are FREE! Free to go home, put on your pajamas, throw your hair up in a ponytail that is nowhere near socially acceptable, watch all the Snapchat stories that you’ve so remorsefully neglected all day, and maybe, just maybe, eat a whole sleeve of double stuff Oreos. Because. You. Can. You don’t answer to The Man for 12 more hours!

To make all of these delightful experiences even more worthwhile, you need a work #bestfrand to share these most thoughtful and enlightening moments of your life. They get it because they live it. They understand you and what the daily grind can do to a woman, seriously! And this girl has the necessary qualities to be your work #bestfrand:

  1. Humor. Most definitely. Whether it is gossip during your most likely to be interrupted lunch hour, reenacting how your dog tripped you down the stairs, or dying in laughter over how your coworker broke the conference room toilet. You and said #bestfrand had to listen to the wrath of an industrial strength flush, on repeat, during the most important meeting of your quarter while the presenter had to keep telling you to “bring it together, folks” (this moment still brings me to tears in laughter).
  2. Support. Support with work issues, support when the boss demands more, support when discussing personal issues that you can only trust with your work #bestfrand, just support. It is a judgement free zone. All day, er day.
  3. Non-verbal communication. Memes (obviously), laughing when that one particular person pronounces the name Cletus “Clitus”, pictures of said toilet (in the middle of said meeting), Snapchats of yourself with a horrified face, quick glances in the hallway that don’t need to be explained…you get it.
  4. Snacks. Oh.so.important! Having a bite of this or that in a hidden drawer is a must! You can count on your work #bestfrand to pull out that fun-size Snicker because “you aren’t you when you’re hungry”. You can depend on them for a plastic spoon when you are trying to stay healthy and eat your Greek yogurt at 4pm to avoid smacking someone due to low blood sugar. You know they have your back with that Target Nestle cookie pack when the day is long, which can be often.
  5. Distraction. Whether your daily grind has got you in a funk, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you just.aren’t.feeling.it, your work #bestfrand can distract you. Their mission is to lovingly keep you sane.

Here are just SOME of my work #bestfrands over the years.





I love my work #bestfrands…past, present, and those to come. They are all of these things and more. I hope you, too, have that person in your work environment that you can depend on. It makes the world of difference, especially when you need that fun-size Snickers.

xx- Jenna


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