The Falcon Life Book Club: “Feed” by M.T. Anderson


I just finished the Young Adult novel, Feed, by M.T. Anderson. Not my typical read and somewhat unique in its interpretation of the future, but nonetheless, a great book for YA’s. And, it has been recognized for several prestigious awards, such as being a finalist for the National Book Award for Young Adult Literature in 2012.

This sci-fi, dystopian novel was a refreshing read for me, as I don’t venture toward that genre often. The idea of a futuristic world driven by consumerism with such a different interpretation of the meaning of life, it took a bit of time to get used to. The diction was smooth and uncomplicated, making it an easy read. Even with this, the images the author created about our relationships to each other and the world we live is strikingly accurate and sometimes downright disturbing (to the point I looked up from the book and questioned if I should continue to read). The plot led me to believe the outcome of the events would be different. Needless to say, I didn’t see many of the plot twists coming. This may have been because I was so wrapped up in the futuristic setting, I wasn’t paying attention. Regardless, the tragedy of what future technologies could potentially do to the mind was eye opening and disturbing.

I do have reader bias to this text, simply because it is something that could be very relevant to the high school students I teach (I’ve written numerous times about my student struggles with the presence of technology, like here). The main character eventually realizes his denial towards mankind’s ability to totally obliterate itself. Often the characters will have “feed” discussions that are relevant to a current teenager: relationships, school, trends. But, the setting is in a simulated Earth not like our own.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5. It is an eye opening read to the human condition and what we are capable of doing to our own kind, especially our own planet. But, this message barely lingers until the final moments of the book.

Now, onto the next read!

xx- Jenna


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