My Morning Skin Care Routine

Just recently, I posted about my evening cleansing routine (here) and my passion for a clean and refreshed face before bed. There is something about washing the day away and unwinding for the evening that is so luxurious. To continue with facial beauty products and regimens, I’m sharing my morning skin care routine. And again, every product is under $10 at your local drugstore!

Step #1: Cleansing Oil


Yes! This is the same oil I used in the evening when I rotate with my facial scrub. It is THAT effective! It is the Neutrogena Ultra-Light Cleansing Oil ($9). I will use 3 pumps of this in my hand and massage onto a dry face. This is like a little facial all in itself! I will massage in circular motions (focusing on problem areas) for up to 5 minutes. Facial massage is a huge propionate in avoiding dull, aging skin. I’ve followed Lisa Eldridge’s cleansing routine for awhile now (here). She is fabulous and so are her tips.  The oil provides a slick surface that allows you to avoid pulling on your skin, but gets a nice clean. Using this oil daily has evened out the oil production on my face. I’m not dry, I’m not oily. It’s a perfect balance. When done massaging, I will put some water in my hands, add it to the oil on my face, and allow it to emulsify. I’ll let it suds a bit and then thoroughly rinse clean. This stuff is so gentle you can use it on your eye lids without irritation. I use this product every morning.

Step #2: Moisturize


You know how much I love moisturized skin in the evening, and the morning time is no different! The Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer Lotion with SPF 15 ($8) is a subtle moisturizer with a light scent that dries quick and provides sun protection with a bit of SPF. The particular formula I use is for sensitive skin, hence the small green portion at the bottom of the packaging. There is no irritation whatsoever. The bottle has a screw top to prevent leaking and the bottle size is very generous at 6 fluid ounces, compared to my evening RoC moisturizer at 1 fluid ounce. When wearing makeup for the day, this product does not add that greasy look to your foundation or powder. It acts as a great base to prevent your makeup from caking or sticking to dry and uneven patches. I’ve used this day time moisturizer for over 3 years. Unless Olay discontinues this, I can’t see myself using anything else!

As you can see, my morning routine is simple yet effective. I tend to put in my work in the evening when I can devote time and care for a good night’s rest.

I hope this helps for those of you creating a well-rounded morning and evening routine, without breaking the bank. As always, these products and opinions are solely my own and work with MY skin type: normal and super sensitive. I will only use and share things I enjoy and I know have benefits. All of these products can be found in your local drugstore and online. Happy cleansing!

xx- Jenna


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