It’s Time


It’s time to end this chapter.
The chapter that ends this book.
Pack the yellow highlighted and messily annotated novels in the plastic bin and hope the lid seals.
Test out the markers to see which went the distance, knowing full well nothing survived.
Gently roll the posters, securing with smiley face stickers.
Give away supplies that can be bought there,ย no sense in bringing the old to the new.
No sense in bringing those light bulb moments somewhere that no one could ever fully appreciate.
Close the door one last time.
It is locked now, you no longer have the key.
Smile while walking away, vision blurred from tears.
Laughter was loud there, tears had been shed, lessons were learned (on purpose and not).
You got to be a small part of something oh, so great.
With heart full, continue on.
Next step of the final chapter: the final page.
Purge through memories in those boxes that only saw the sun when up north, never making a southern appearance, kept in the box subconsciously hoping to go back.
Wedding photos.
High school newspaper clippings.
Old dishes.
Willed Christmas decorations from 2009.
Memories from hundreds of chapters back.
Hundreds of chapters back.ย Hundreds of chapters back.
Decided. Written. Worth it. All leading to now.
The now is now.
Hits you right between the eyes, what you’ve been waiting years for since you stepped foot here.
Time to click your heels.
“There’s no place like home.”
The boxes ask, “What is worthy of the sequel?”
The heart replies with a smile, “Time will decide.”
The memories, not yet made but waiting to be experienced.
The lessons to be learned (on purpose and not) just waiting to be lived.
The life being built in the future ahead. A beautiful addition to what foundation has been laid, here in this place that seemed like a hiccup in your plans.
The new book awaits, a sequel of sorts.
Fresh pages.
Uncracked seam.
Chapter #1 begins now.
It’s time.


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